Red, White and Blue


By Carli Muñoz

Oh glorious coffee, freshly squeezed directly from the muses! That and my thinking chair makes up a good start for the day. But how easily that good start can be trivialized...

I wonder how many of us in the western hemisphere is in the nasty habit of opening Google as part of a morning routine... it’s been a while now, but it is still somewhat new to me to open Google on my ‘smart’ phone and get the latest news instead of being just showing the good old blank slate of the noble and trusted search engine I used to revere as my oracle when I needed one. So as much as I’d normally like to get away from the news, it’s been hitting me in the face like it or not. Not to mention an added detour from—what was it was that I was going to search for in the first place? Hu? Yes, additional fuel for senior moments and of course intended or not, media bullying! To top the anguish, one of the first headline in my face was “Somehow Air Force One Isn’t American Enough for Donald Trump”—there goes not only my muse, but the sweet nectar of the first morning light (closer to noon really, but it’s all relative—to me any time I’d wake up, it is the morning light!). So now I know, the future colors of Air Force One will be red, white and blue... Not a very inspiring start for my new day, but that’s the world we’re living in. Btw, I’m not trying to be mean by passing this on to you. Maybe we can reflect on this together and paint the world red, white and blue... but wait, isn’t that what we’ve been trying to do all along? See, there’s always a revelation that comes along with the first morning light after all..

Airforce 1 RWB.png
Carli Munoz