In My Soul

The compositions of “In My Soul” have a broad range in scope and tone, sometimes belting out like the music of Heart or Fleetwood Mac and often bearing a strong similarity to Elton John’s more energetic material, such as the power-pop hit, “Bennie and the Jets.” Also present are doses of country-western (not the watered-down, modern pop-rock variety, but the western kind) and 40s- and 50s-era blues. Muñoz’s vocals are a deep, crackling charcoal color, a cross between Waylon Jennings and Leonard Bernstein.  Muñoz’ piano playing is masterful and full of passion, the songwriting careful, brilliant and refined and his natural singing voice is one of the album’s preeminent qualities.

“In My Soul” is one of the most refined rock albums the industry has seen in years, chock full of intelligence, emotion and groove. Music fans can wrap their ears around Carli Muñoz’s one-and-only rock masterpiece beginning February 8, 2013, available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley