Love Tales

t is love that takes me into this journey. Love not always fulfilled, but more often love broken into pieces and finding its way through the cracks of a painful soul-searching leaving its impurities behind like a fine cognac would in the process of distillation. Love Tales could be testimony to that. It portrays a kind of metamorphosis carried by a combination of songs original and standards, each one telling a different story. 

It is through this work that I get to have the joyous opportunity to honor all (including the moon and my dog) that I have had the privilege of loving one way or the other. Good music doesn't really need a description. And different people perceive music in their own unique way. I offer these liners only as my own personal story. I am sure that you too will have your own story to tell as you listen to this music. 

When you sum it all up, life itself is a love tale. I hope that I have gotten your permission to enter and be a part of yours by sharing my music and some of my most intimate thoughts and innermost feelings. May this be the beginning of a love tale.