Carli Muñoz's Christmas song new release: At the Bridge

The song At the Bridge is the collaborative masterful work of Carli Muñoz on music and quintessential American lyricist, Van Dyke Parks. It is the derivative effort of Muñoz’s Lunaressence, a highly complex and sophisticated acapella music track, previously released on Carli Muñoz, In My Soul, 2006 album release. At the Bridge was recorded in studio sessions between Brooklin, NY, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Muñoz resides. This single release follows the recent (October 5, 2018) release of Carli’s tour de force album Follow Me, on Tabono Records, warming the hearts of the listener with a rarely-heard-today flair of nostalgic traditional lushly orchestrated arrangement and rich vocals— a rare gem in today’s popular music composing.

At the Bridge is a trailblazer, both musically and lyrically, especially for the holidays. And it comes at a time of great division in the hopes of being a catalyst for greatly needed compassion and unity in America. Throughout the lyrical content, At the Bridge artfully beckons the listener to “thoughts of Yuletides from long ago”, evoking nostalgia and the true meaning of the holidays, and at the same time pondering on social disparities that divide us. There is a dynamically jaunty middle section where Presidential opulence is contrasted with extreme poverty, whilst the end section brings hope.

Although Van Dyke Parks in Los Angeles, California and Carli Muñoz in San Juan, Puerto Rico reside more than 3,000 miles apart, they remain good friends from the times they both collaborated with The Beach Boys. “These are links that remain very close to my heart”, says Carli, referring to Parks as well as to other dear friends and colleagues remaining from his sojourn in LA from 1969 to 1985.

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