Our Daily Redemption


By Carli Muñoz

It never ceases to amaze me how forgiving the next morning can be.... add a cup of joe to the mix and ready to seize the new day... so good to have a new day! Perhaps that’s the intended message from the ubiquitous ancient lore such as the one of the great flood and Noah’s Ark—we fuck up, get wiped out and get to start all over... especially if you are ‘the chosen one’ or a four or more legged creature or have wings! But the good news is that there appears to be a covenant from the Big Boss... NO MORE MASSIVE DEATH BY WATER! And that’s great, but what worries me is that I haven’t seen the part that exempts us from being swept by the wind, getting swallowed by the earth, or consumed by fire—oh shit! So the best is yet to come!

Although It’d certainly be too much information to share the events that I’m happy to forget from last night (by the way, nothing that requires capital punishment), I’m happy to share my intimacy of redemption, why.... because we all seek it and experience it on a daily basis, of course at all the various levels and flavors anyone can possibly imagine.... If there is a constant in life, that’s it—we all deal with our own threshold of morality and ethics and that is part, I suppose, of our own evolution. Please don’t ask me what I did last night—it was relatively nothing.... just a few kinky meat-pounding thoughts, but there you go, the threshold—we manage our own—good luck with yours!

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Carli Munoz