On a lazy rainy Saturday afternoon

Last Saturday at a quarter past noon, while having a peaceful moment at home lounging on my comfortable reading chair, a dark cloud hovered over my house and it started to rain. I remember almost feeling regret dividing my attention between the awe-inspiring sensation of just soaking it all in—the sudden wind, the sound of the rain, the ozone smell—and taking the time to write about it. And if I add my dog Snowy sitting on the back of my chair licking my neck, it gets surreal.
Not too long before on that same morning, I had felt being bathed with nostalgic memories while going for a ride on my old Healey—it was like a pure sense of well-being—of feeling fortunate and not without an immense sense of gratitude to the all pervading spirit for those spontaneous bouts of special moments and sensations. I thought: "how priceless is all this... just to be alive, just to be able to feel at all becomes a joyful experience". Some sensations were new and some were memories of a peculiar indescribable instant from the past—but priceless!

Carli Munoz